Reduced Claims Costs
  •  Analysis of 2,000 commercial vehicles - showed that by using SureCam’s forward facing camera over a six-month period reduced accident frequency by 45 percent on average, and reduced collision claim costs by 27 percent as a result of instant intervention
  • SureCam’s state of the art -  IoT-enabled vehicle camera solution accelerates intervention by delivering high definition video in real time, helping customers around the world improve fleet safety, increase fuel savings, cut insurance costs, reduce road collisions, and ultimately save lives.
  • Optimizing claims management - with real-time data preventing a third party taking hold of a claim with costs spiral out of control.
  • Typically, corporate trucks and taxis are blamed - for crashes involving consumer cars, prompting companies to often settle claims to avoid going to court. SureCam’s first notification of loss (FNOL) plays a vital role in cutting costs.
  • SureCam’s customer FleetSeek, - a logistics solution provider in Australia that has seen a 50 percent drop in accident claims against the business.
  • SureCam cameras are delivering cost-savings -  to GBA Services, a leading provider of transport solutions across Europe. The real-time footage of vehicle incidents gives them the power to easily challenge fraudulent insurance claims, as well as expedite the process when their own drivers are at fault. The resulting insurance savings is enabling quick return on investment for customers.
  • SureCam’s fleet customers are also reaping benefits - with fuel savings and less wear and tear on vehicles, as a result of closely monitoring drivers and motivating safer driving behaviour. Fleet customers have identified that 65 percent of recorded accidents were in fact avoidable, highlighting the clear opportunity to improve fleet safety levels through targeted driver engagement.

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