• Geotab Drive - is a mobile solution for working hours (WTD), vehicle inspection and driver identification. The Geotab Drive app synchronises data between the Geotab GO device and a mobile device to provide many functions, such as automatic duty status changes, violation alerts, complete end-to-end inspection workflow, and many more. 
  • Geotab Drive -  is compatible with the Geotab GO7 devices, IOX-USB, and Android or iOS.
  • Geotab Drive  - also enables two-way messaging, as standard, using either canned messages or freeform messages.
  • Geotab Drive and Capture  - provides workflow applications, such as proof of delivery or proof of service.
  • Geotab  - now provides tachograph integration into many vehicles – simply add the required IOX cable and see the magic happen.
  • Geotab works out if your miles are personal or business miles. Let Geotab take away that headache by automatically providing the report so you don’t have to.
  • Geotab Drive. Why? Because it will help you save time, money and lives by letting you:-
  •         • Replace paper-based processes, saving time and money.
  •         • Reduce administration cost and time.
  •         • Improve record-keeping and accurate data for inspections.
  •         • Deliver real-time access to your information.
  •         • Minimise traffic fines, prevent accidents and save lives.
  •         • Show up-to-date information to agencies when required.
  •         • Complete end-to-end inspection workflow.
  •         • Drivers select defects, add comments, review previous inspections and certify that the         repair performed fixed the defect(s) identified.
  •         • Inspections show defect(s), who identified the defect(s) and who did the repair.
  •         • Reports in MyGeotab can be sorted to show all DVIRs or just those with defects, those         that have been repaired and those that have been certified as repaired — offering great         visibility into the health of the fleet.

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