Camera Systems

BBST approach to video telematics is helping tackle some of the most complex challenges faced by the fleet, transport and insurance sectors. Our connected camera solutions are underpinned by a device-agnostic, multi-award-winning IoT platform. By providing the highest levels of operational insight, business intelligence and enriched vehicle data, organisations can make strategic mobility decision.

  • Our advanced video telematics solutions are ideal for any vehicle type, making the roads a safer place for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Whether you operate HGVs, vans, cars, taxis, emergency vehicles, buses, coaches or RCVs, we are here to help.
  • Forward Facing cameras, In Cab cameras, multi – channel cameras (in cab, Load, side and rear cameras), mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs), In-Vehicle Monitors, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Accessories
  • Our industry-leading IoT platform utilises computer vision to collect, process and analyse real-time video and data based on a range of parameters including vehicle location, speed and driver behaviour, as well as provide drivers with live critical safety alerts.
  • Utilising the latest developments in machine learning and cloud computing, our extensive team of big data, AI, computer vision and cybernetics experts and scientists are delivering industry-leading solutions that bring significant benefits to clients

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