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BBSTelematics  & Levl Telematics announce their strategic relationship

BBSTelematics, a South African Telematics platform provider, and Levl Telematics, the No 1 UK provider of the world leading telematics solution Geotab, announce their strategic relationship.

The relationship means that BBST and Levl will be able to mutually support each other by sharing market, partner and customer insights, and being able to support international fleet operators and companies spanning the EU and Africa.

Both companies support fleet operators and owners combining world leading telematics solutions Geotab, with complementary software technologies and services creating an advanced proposition that offers unrivalled savings potential to the fleet market, with typical benefits being improved driver safety and vehicle health achieving significant impact on driving down fleet costs by lowering claims, lowering insurance premiums, by avoiding the huge costs of vehicle breakdowns, reducing fuel consumption and ad-blue usage.

Jan O’Hara, Director at Levl Telematics comments “Partnering with BBST means our UK based international customers in Africa get access to the same level of support as they receive in the UK. And Africa companies expanding to the UK will benefit from the ensuring a seamless international expansion using the Levl market leading support capability.”

Paul Rogerson, Director at BBST added: “This strategic relationship builds on decades of joint telematics experience between Jan and I going back to 2003. The relationship gives us the opportunity to share knowledge to better deliver outstanding solutions to customers. BBST will be able to use Levl detailed insights in the introduction of electric vehicles into a fleet given their broad and detailed understanding of this transition for fleets.”

 About Levl:

LEVL Telematics is the UK leading authorised Value-Added Reseller for Geotab and have over 50 years of combined telematics experience. LEVL telematics was created to provide industry leading fleet management and vehicle telematics solutions for all types of fleet including Electric Vehicles.

 About BBST:

BBSTelematics is a leading authorised Value-Added Reseller for Geotab Africa and authorised SureCam’s Africa distributor, with over 35 years of combined telematics experience. BBSTelematics was created to provide industry leading fleet management, vehicle and video telematics solutions for all types of fleet including Electric Vehicles bringing together world beating solutions for the African market.

For more information in Africa please contact Paul Rogerson on +27 (0) 79 054 2890 or

For more information in the UK please contact Jan O’Hare on +44 (0) 7734 23212 or

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