Smart Witness

The SmartWitness CRX offers High Definition in-vehicle CCTV recording for up to 8 cameras. CRX provides fleet operators with an effective way to monitor and manage their remote assets whilst in the field. In the event of an incident and/or allegation the CRX HD mobile will aid in the investigation process whilst reducing potential cost and exposure. In-Vehicle CCTV delivers actual video footage in the event of a claim, encourages safer more fuel-efficient driving, monitors driving behaviours and enhances the overall safety and security for the driver, the fleet operator and other road users.

  • Up to 5 Megapixel recording supported. Resolution adjustable from 5MP (2592x1944) to SD (720x480) and everything in between (Camera lens must support the set resolution). 240FPS (frames per second) when recording at 720p (divided amongst all camera channels). 180FPS at 1080p; 24FPS at 5MP; 60FPS at 4MP; 72FPS at 3MP
  • Dual Record mode (Continuous + Event). Optional Audio Recording (8 audio channels max)
  • GPS data records full time to provide location data, vehicle speed, and accurate time/date
  • 8 Alarm input triggers for advanced event recording
  • Optional WiFi and/or 3G/LTE Cellular connectivity for real-time video upload and live GPS tracking. Optional WiFi: transmits the pending events and location data once CRX connects to WiFi AP
  • Request HD video on demand from anywhere
  • Filter Data Search by Time/Date, Event, Vehicle Speed, G-Force level
  • Privacy masking feature for blurring out faces or license plate numbers
  • Advanced Driver Behaviour Analysis & Reporting Software
  • Connect a dashboard mounted LCD display to provides the driver with a real-time 360° view of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

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